Attend a Seminar

Clearing the Way to Inner Peace

One of the Most Enriching Seminars You Will Ever Experience!

  • Discover what is keeping you from being peaceful and happy
  • Learn not only what to do, but HOW to do it!
  • Experience directly your inner peace and how to sustain it

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Become Part of a Global Movement

  • Help bring peace to yourself and others
  • Make a difference in the world by doing your small part
  • Enjoy a membership at no cost to you!

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Finding Happiness that Lasts

  • Learn about the five approaches to finding happiness
  • Discover a new perspective on the meaning of spirituality
  • Learn to sight ego inside yourself in order to find peace

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Seven Discussions in Six CD's

  • An extension of the concepts from the book
  • Listen to the CDs at your convenience
  • Approximately a 5-hour program

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